What we do

Transform your business through leadership development, strategic and financial management, and business thinking

Our team of leading industry professionals draw on their extensive executive-level experience to provide practical and sustainable growth opportunities for people and businesses.

Solutions We Offer

AJP Advisers Group offer a variety of solutions to help companies at every stage of their corporate life cycle. Our group of companies, each with distinct capabilities, help to address and solve a broad range of business challenges.


Transforming businesses through leadership development, strategic and financial management. The AJP Advisers program extends from action learning workshops to one-on-one coaching and is focused on increasing profits and improving return on equity to enhance return on capital.


Business Thinking Systems offers planning and team building programs that help people in business reach their full potential and improve the performance of their organizations.


10X is a proven way for business owners to significantly enhance their performance. 10X is a combination of one-on-one sessions as well as business owners coming together as a coaching club to achieve outstanding results.

Our Process

A customised process for every business challenge

We recognise that when it comes to business management performance there is no cookie-cutter solution. Therefore, we adapt our process to fit each of our clients’ individual needs.


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customized strategic

and operations

business solution

results oriented


of solutions

Some of our success stories

There was substantial improvement in performance. Cost per unit manufactured dropped about 20%. Yields were up and so were other measures of efficiency.

There is noticeable improvement in staff morale, initiative and confidence. Operation systems and workflow are streamlined and service quality is enhanced with innovative ideas to achieve customer satisfaction.

We thank Mr. Allen Pathmarajah for his personal involvement in our workshop and for providing us with valuable insight on the range of management issues. We were impress with the BTW coach’s professionalism and commitment in assisting us to come up with a blue print of our plan for implementation.